This Home Has Been Sold!

We have fantastic news regarding 264 Venture Path!

Just recently, this home was sold to a family who appreciated all this home has to offer. 264 Venture Path was fully and wonderfully renovated, and was ready for a new start as a single-family residence. This townhome has low landscaping maintenance and has the potential to inspire community within the residents, being part of a larger residential unit. We are so excited by this news and ready for the next project!

For a look at our renovation journey with this home, please see our previous posts, Ready to Be Your Home and The Big Beginning.

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Ready to Be Your Home

Ready for a buyer to call “Home” this Summer!

This Hiram, GA townhome has undergone a beautiful transformation. It wasn’t too long ago

the house was abandoned after the winter of 2014.

However, after a lot of time, effort, and care, the home at 264 Venture Path, Hiram,

Georgia is more amazing than it once was! The renovation of the home has restored it to

its current beauty.

There will be an Open House for this home soon, so please check back often. Or better yet,

schedule your own private viewing of the home by calling Shelly for more

information at 404-392-7726.

The Big Beginning

This 2-story townhome in Hiram, GA was in need of renovation. We got out the gate in late May beginning with the kitchen. This property which was once an eyesore for the community will become one of the jewels of the neighborhood.

This property at 264 Venture Path, Hiram, GA will be transformed. The home will be ready within a few weeks. Stay posted to watch the transformation.

For more information, contact:

Aalister Brown

Phone: 404-397-6224